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Digital recruitment Consultancy
Improve The Quality of Your Recruitment Ads and Recruitment Strategy

“Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures”
Tom Peters

Gorilla Theory Labs is a consultancy that helps employers, recruiters, and head-hunters to craft effective talent engagement and talent acquisition campaigns with a digital focus.

We have helped clients in government and public sector, banking and insurance, start-ups, retail and technology companies to improve their digital recuitment value chain and campaign effectiveness.

We can help with:
  • Setting social candidate engagement strategy
  • Improving job advert and careers pages copy and search engine discoverability
  • Improved digital careers pages
  • Internal and External recruitment improvement checklists
Recruitment can always be improved. A scattergun or poorly-defined approach may yield results, but refinement can save time and cost which improves the bottom line.

Make sure you have an approach to developing your products and services that ensures you meet quality standards that matter to your business or goals. List your quality dealbreakers and map these to the finished product final assessment.

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How to spot a Baby Gorilla
Baby gorillas are projects that are deemed small and straightforward, and it is assumed that enough information is known of what needs to be done (the full requirements and delivery specifications) to get the project delivered, but these details are either not gathered, defined and approved, and (usually) not enough time is given for the delivery. Baby gorillas tend to be media campaign, HTML newsletter, microsite, site/page update-style projects.
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All the Gorilla Theory project scenario solutions are supported by a checklist mechanism. The checklist mechanism supports the core principles of:

And don't forget to use your checklists!
We have tailored the Gorilla Theory checklists for each of the three problem scenarios. You can buy the project checklist pack or the full checklist pack: click here >

Useful Software
Useful Project Management Software
You are forewarned, so be forearmed. Check useful tools for managing your projects.
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Several projects on the go? Worried about how to cope successfully? Find out how.
The Silverback
The big beast of a project. Find out how to know you have one, and how to avoid being crushed by the sheer power. Learn to tame one.